About us

We started Steer because we believe there needs to be a revolution in transportation. We dream of walking down the sidewalk with our kids without breathing tailpipe emissions or hearing noise pollution. Everything else in your life is on-demand, tailored to fit your life, and, of course, available through an app — so why shouldn’t your car be too? Steer is our way to start the revolution.

Our roots are in clean energy, technology and fleet management, not the auto industry. We listen to our members, provide exceptional service, and aren’t out to sell you a car at the end of the day. We’ll help you with charging, solar and clean energy solutions. In fact, we’re backed by Exelon, a Fortune 100 company and the nation’s largest provider of clean energy.

We know you’ll like our fleet of tech-forward, low-emissions vehicles. Thank you to our Steer family that is already on the road helping drive our vision of a cleaner and brighter future. Download the app today and Steer with us!

Our Team

Sonya Harbaugh

Co-Founder & CEO

Erica Tsypin

Co-Founder & COO

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