More American families are looking at a plug-in vehicle for the road ahead. Electric cars are quickly making inroads in the national auto market. With that in mind, many shoppers are asking – what are the best electric vehicles for families?   These models are some of the most popular family electric vehicles on the market right now, from a variety of automakers betting big on the plug-in phenomenon and its greener future.    What
When it comes to buying a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) for the first time, an important thing to know is how you charge the electric cars. It isn’t as scary as you think! Driving a gas-powered car, have you ever thought about how inconvenient it is to constantly have to go to the gas station? On bigger, less efficient vehicles, this can be an all too regular diversion. Now, what
One thing is for sure – the 2020s decade will be a defining moment for electric vehicles. According to a forecast by the International Energy Agency, by the end of this decade, there will be at least 125 million electric vehicles on the road. Of course, the electric vehicles will be faster with longer miles of range, more advanced AI, and shorter recharging time than the previous decade. Most of the traditional automakers such as Ford, Mercedes,
As a busy professional, when was the last time you made a decision that was able to save you both time and money? If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve worked hard developing your business plan, raising capital, developing products, and building relationships. Working professionals in today’s 24/7 world are equally busy and stressed, where emails never stop, and client demands are always high-stakes. Let’s be honest, it’s challenging to perform at the top of your game
It’s no secret; most cars don’t perform well in the winter. Many factors, including cold temperatures, icy roads, and snow, all affect how well your vehicle will drive during the season. Electric cars generally handle and perform just as well, or even better than gas-powered cars during the winter. Plus -you’ll never need to worry about freezing your butt off at the gas station every week! Still, even for electric vehicles (EVs), cold temperatures and

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