How does a Steer Car Subscription Work?

Steer is a convenient, flexible month-to-month car subscription.

We own the cars, you drive them.

Insurance, maintenance and repair costs are included so there are no expensive surprises.

Our cars are hybrids and electric, so you’ll save on fuel costs and can charge safely at home.

No long term contracts, hidden fees or mileage restrictions – just freedom and flexibility. 


Door-to-Door Delivery

Vehicles delivered directly to you. You’ll never have to visit a dealership.

Charging Convenience

Seamless charging solutions for in and out of the home. Charging included at select charging stations through SteerPass (an EZ pass for charging).

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Month-to-month subscription without any commitment. Drive as long as you want and pause or cancel anytime.

Swap Your Ride

Swap into a different vehicle at any time. You’ll never have to commit to just one car.

Latest Electric & Hybrid Cars

Access the best variety of the latest electric and hybrid cars from the world’s leading brands.

Insurance & Maintenance

All vehicles are fully insured by Steer, and we take care of all maintenance issues and costs.

No Mileage Limit

Drive as long as you want and as much as you want. Never worry about your miles.

Concierge & Roadside Support

Your Concierge and 24/7 roadside support will always be there to ensure a smooth driving experience.

No matter what your car needs are, we’ve got you covered!

How Steer Compares

Steer subscriptions are a better way to drive than owning or leasing

Insurance included
Maintenance & repairs included
Cars delivered to you
Unlimited miles
No down payment
No long-term commitment
Vehicle swaps

“I love having access to all these vehicles with just a click of a button.”

Mark D.

How Steer Works

Access your own virtual garage right from your phone

  • Download the app

    Get started by downloading the app on the iOS or Google Play store.

  • Apply and select a plan

    Take a few minutes to complete our application, which looks for candidates with a clean driving record, who are 26+. Choose the right electric car and hybrid plan for you. Pay once you receive your first vehicle.

  • Get car delivered to your doorsteps

    Planning for a road trip or looking for a ride for your daily commute? Based on your needs, we'll match you to the perfect vehicle and arrange delivery right to your door.

  • Swap into different cars as needed

    Tell us what you need and when you need it and we'll deliver the right car right to you.

What's the Catch?

No sneaky contracts or fine print

Why use Steer over leasing or purchasing?

With Steer, you get a car subscription that lets you drive your way, however and whenever you want. No down payments, loan interest, long-term commitment, trips to the DMV, or hidden fees. Steer lets you drive hassle free.

What kinds of cars are there?

We offer three types of vehicles: Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

What's included?

• Access to your own virtual multi-car garage of awesome vehicles for every occasion
• Insurance, maintenance, and repairs
• Unlimited miles
• A personal concierge for hassle-free delivery
• Charging solutions for in and out of your home

Where is Steer available?

Steer is currently available in the greater DC Metro area, including the surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. Join our newsletter and let us know if you're interested in bringing Steer to your neighborhood.

What are the fees?

There is a one time, non-refundable activation fee of $500 (plus tax) to get you started with Steer. You will be charged your activation fee on the day of your first car delivery. This is separate from your monthly payment.

Who is eligible?

You must be 26 and older to be the primary subscriber. The primary driver may assign a secondary driver, who must be 21 years and older. The secondary driver will need to go through the same approval process.

Select the perfect Steer plan for you. Learn More